Installation steps and common assembly problems of aluminum alloy skirting lines

Release Date:2023-03-27

Aluminum alloy skirting line is a new type of architectural decoration material with good decorative modeling, high strength, strong flexibility, and a simple fashion trend. Therefore, it is increasingly used in skirting line decoration. Aluminum alloy skirting line assembly is generally carried out in the middle and late stages of household decoration. How to install aluminum alloy skirting line when household appliances enter the venue? Let me briefly introduce the installation steps and common assembly problems of aluminum alloy skirting lines.

Characteristics of aluminum alloy skirting line

1. High flatness, bright colors, and strong metal feeling.

2. It is not easy to deform or fall off, and is sturdy and durable.

3. The processing process is simple and the construction period is short.

4.There are many styles and colors, which can be customized according to regulations.

5. No radiation or environmental protection.

6. Unsafe potential problems, such as moisture return, deformation, insects, and falling.

Aluminum alloy skirting line is mainly used for various public occasions and industrial building wall decoration and protection purposes

The model, specification, and thickness of aluminum alloy skirting line range from about 0.6mm to 1.2mm, with relative heights of 6cm, 8cm, and 1cm. Each length is 2.5m.

Assembly of aluminum alloy skirting line

Preliminary preparations

1. Making accurate positioning ruler: the number of accurate positioning rulers is 1-24mm; Width 4-5mm; It can be made of wood or iron.

2. Remove wall foundation: remove concrete floating blocks; Check the flatness of the wall surface, and the gap should not exceed 3mm.

Assembling the lock catch

1. The concrete row nails are fixed: the length of the concrete row nails is 32mm; The lock catch interval is 4mm up and down; One at 3mm from the end of the wall.

2. Fixed impact drill drilling: use an impact drill to drill holes into the wall; Fixed buckle.

3. Indication: Use a carpenter's nail opener or self-tapping screw to secure the buckle.

Installation method of aluminum alloy skirting line

1. After fixing the buckle and installing it in the same straight line, cut the external corner line, tear off the protective film of the kick, and seal it.

2. Press in gradually from one end to the other, do not hammer.

3. Remove the protective film from the skirting line.

Assembly FAQs

1. The butt gap should be less than 3mm.

2. Clean the wall surface first to prevent paint from sticking to the surface of the anchor line.

Maintenance Precautions

1. Wash with a thin cloth and pure cotton towel.

2. It must be cleaned regularly.

3. Loose loading is prohibited, resulting in bruises.

4. Acid and alkaline cleaners are not required.

5. Surface contamination needs to be cleaned in a timely manner, first with alcohol and then with clean water.