How to choose an aluminum alloy skirting line manufacturer? We must understand these points clearly!

Release Date:2023-04-10

How to choose an aluminum alloy skirting line manufacturer? Choosing the right manufacturer saves many unnecessary worries, such as installation issues, quality issues, after-sales communication issues, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct multi-dimensional investigation and understanding before selecting aluminum alloy skirting lines.

1. Factory strength Factory scale, factory equipment, factory population, factory strength can ensure factory capacity and efficiency. ALLZET has focused on the research, development and production of aluminum alloy skirting lines for 20 years, with a large production base of 15000 square meters, a production and technical team of over 100 people, and a storage area of over 3000 square meters; The factory has 2 extrusion production lines to improve production efficiency, meet customer mass customization, and deliver as scheduled.

2. The technical team looks at customization ability and efficiency, design level, and research and development strength. ALLZET has a number of design teams with over 10 years of experience, mastering multiple details of extrusion and oxidation technology, and has multiple product patents; Customization can be made based on customer drawings and samples, and drawings can be produced within 24 hours. According to customer needs, color, style, function, and other designs can be designed to provide personalized customization.

3. Look at the quality and style of the product. ALLZET has 9 series of skirting lines, with hundreds of product styles, different thicknesses, different heights, and different colors. It has a strong metal texture, and can be buckled, embedded, and equipped with LED lights.

4. No worries after installation. ALLZET has its own experienced skirting construction and installation team, which meets the needs of engineering orders and construction contractors, and implements construction and installation according to standards to ensure that the construction period is completed as scheduled; Improve pre sales and after-sales service, and a strong customer service team will follow up the whole process with one-on-one care, making you feel comfortable and assured throughout the process.